When was NIPOST Workshop Services established?
NIPOST Workshop was established in 1956.
What was the purpose of the establishment?
To cater for the furniture needs of then P & T inclusive, but not limited to Mechanical and Electrical works up till 1985 and NIPOST needs till 2003 with excess capacity.
Are your products and services available to non staff both individual and corporate?
We use the excess capacity to serve the public at lowest competitive prices.
Where is NIPOST Workshop Located?
NIPOST Workshop is located at Ijora - Olopa, Ijora - Lagos.
Is NIPOST Workshop a public liability Company?
NIPOST Workshop is a Venture of Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST).
Why is your price high?
Our prices are commensurable with quality of materials as chosen by clients.
Are your products imported or produced by NIPOST Workshop?
Products are produced by NIPOST Workshop, Proudly made in Nigeria
Do you deliver anywhere in Nigeria?
Yes we deliver to everywhere in Nigeria.
How well do you keep to delivery date?
We keep to delivery date as agreed with client.
What are your goods and their prices?
There is a brown box, with a green arrow; bottom right on our website, click on it and our products and prices would show.
What is your mode of payment?
We accept 80% mobilization and 20% on completion of job - (Negotiable with high volume job).
What quality are your products made of?
Our products are made from well seasoned materials with attention to details that pass through various stages of quality control processes.
Is your vocational training open to individual or corporate body only?
Our vocational training is open to both individual and corporate institution on agreed terms and conditions.
Do you accept students for SIWES programme?
We accept University, Polytechnics and technical Colleges students for their SIWES programme.